Supply and Installation

supply and install kitchens

TM Kitchens is committed to ensuring the installation of your new kitchen is as hassle-free as possible. We take care of everything from removal, construction, plumbing, electrical work and tiling. We work hard to minimise disruption and ensure that the installation process impacts as little as possible on your family’s routine.

TradeMarque’s tradesmen can deal with all elements of your new kitchen installation including removal of your old kitchen and remodelling of the surrounding area if required.

What’s next…

Following your decision to proceed with a TradeMarque Kitchen you will have an opportunity to meet with our kitchen design specialists to discuss your prospective project.

This informal meeting allows you to examine which colours, surfaces and features you would like to include in your new kitchen; review the cabinet configuration and how they will fit into your available space all with the assistance of our experienced kitchen expert.


All TradeMarque Kitchen installations commence with our tradespeople analysing your house plans and site measuring your kitchen area prior to completing a detailed and accurate plan of how great your new kitchen will look.


Once your new kitchen plan is completed TM Kitchens will produce computer simulations of various kitchen configurations based upon the plan and the requirements agreed in your design meeting to allow you to see how your new kitchen might look and to review your design to fine tune the details.


Once you have approved the plan and made all the necessary changes to the concept drawings, TM Kitchens will complete the final computer drawings for your approval. These drawings will show your complete kitchen configuration from a number of different angles and, once approved, our German fabrication plant will commence the manufacture of your new European designed kitchen.


When your new European designed kitchen arrives in Perth our installation team kicks into gear. A member or our team arranges a date and time for the installation and our tradespeople arrive promptly to install your new kitchen.

As all the preliminary work has been done and the kitchen has been pre-designed and manufactured specifically to fit your home, installation on-site takes a minimum of time and you are soon up and running and enjoying the benefits of your exciting new TradeMarque kitchen.